SuBmoJour- Questionnaire Proposal from Japan-Unit


[Note] This questionnaire is just a proposal, and including almost whole things that we discussed. (According to our preliminary interview and research about the Japanese Web-Journalism market.) May be it is too much for usage, so please use just for the reference.


[Int]: Question suitable for face-to-face interview (post-questionnaire)


Basic information

[Note] Some of the information bellows can be obtained from the public information.

-The name of the publication and / or company and / or organization

-Established (year)

-A form of the organization (ex. a joint-stock company, a limited (-liability) company, private management or nonprofit organization etc.)

-The name of the president of company

-The number of the staff

-Web address


-Operating income


Detailed information

1) History about your Company

Q1-1: Background of the company at the moment on establishment:

Q1-1-1: How much capital you had on establishment? Where did you get it?

Q1-1-2: What was your technical capital at the establishment stage?
(Expected answers: Established with System Engineer, and established by myself with using WordPress etc.)

Q1-1-3: What was your human capital at the establishment stage?
(Expected answers: Established with a writer and a programmer who are dedicated staff members.)

Q1-2: About the period until the launch:

Q1-2-1: What was the history from preparation to establishment? [Int]

Q1-2-2: How long did / will it take to be profitable? (When your company got into the black?)


2) Organization of your company

Q2: About details of the staffs:

Q2-1: How is the ratio of the staffs in whole employees? (answer in percentage)

-System Engineer


[Note] Several business models in Japan may only have editors, and outsourcing the freelance-journalists.



Q2-2: How many people do you employ for each of the following?
(Employment status, regular employees and contracts etc.)

-Content creators (Reporter / Editor), paid full time

-Content creators (Reporter / Editor), paid half time

-Content creators (Reporter / Editor), paid freelancers

-Content creators (Reporter / Editor), paid revenue share

-Content creators (Reporter / Editor), unpaid

-Content creators (Reporter / Editor), citizen contributors or interns

-Content creators (Reporter / Editor), others (including outsourcing)

-Business, marketing & sales, paid full time

-Business, marketing & sales, paid half time

-Business, marketing & sales, paid revenue share

-Business, marketing & sales, others (including outsourcing)

-System Engineer, paid full time

-System Engineer, paid half time

-System Engineer, paid revenue share

-System Engineer, others (including outsourcing)


[Additional Question [Int]] How do you divide the time for sales from creating of contents?



3) About the management and money

Q3-1: Sales of last year

Q3-2: Operating income of last year

Q3-3: Bottom line of last year

[Note] This question may be very difficult to get answers.


Q3-4: Sales and its breakdown: How do you proceed? Please check the followings, and rate them according to your revenue balance.


-Ad Networks

-Cost Per Impression (CPI or CPM)

-Cost per Click (CPC)

-Sponsored link

-Charges (membership)

-Product sales (Electronic Commerce)

-Affiliate Marketing (If possible, give concrete examples (ex. Google Adsense, etc.)

-Other revenue sources

-Selling articles
-Consultation to other comapny

-Online education
-Selling software

-Books, DVDs, Special editions of content





Q3-5: The present balance of income is ideal as you expected? If not, what is your ideal balance? [Int]


Q4: Cost structure

Q4-1: Please rate the expenditure upon your administration (percentage)

-Facilities, system keeping

-Manuscript fee

-Personnel cost

-General upkeep

Q4-2: How is the payment style for the journalists? [Int]

[Monthly, weekly, per every writing or revenue share]


Q5: Invest planning

What is your investment planning of the future? [Int]

[Note] Questions below are to grasp the tendency of the company; for distinguishing “journalistic” company from the “media” company.


Q6: Governance, Management idea, Management policy etc. [Int]

Q6-1: Do you have any motto (or elements of ethics) in your company?

Q6-2: How to secure editorial rights or independences on journalistic work?

(Did you feel a pressure on article writing?)

Q6-3: Experienced trouble cases (and how did you cope with it)?

(Ex: Lawsuit against contents.)

Q6-4: (More Straight Q) How do you define yourself?; “Journalism company” or the “media company”?

(Cf: Do you define yourself as the “Watch Dog” in your field? If you not, did you make or try to make articles of the kind?)

Q6-5: How do you assume the number of competitors (company)?

Q6-6: Managing your website is your main business? (Q for CEO)

Q6-7: The activity on writing the article in your site is your main business? (Q for individual journalist)


Q7: Human resources

Q7-1: What is the career background of journalists and staffs?

Q7-2: Facilities for trainings as a journalist in company: Can you train journalist by yourself? (In On-the-Job training manner? / have training program?)

Q7-3: Do you outsourcing the function of your organization? If so, what part is it?

(Ex: Cite design/administration, server etc.) Capital, Loaning


Q8: Audience (customer, user)

Q8-1: How do you assume your audiences? / Targeting audiences?

Q8-2: What is the interaction channel between audience and you?

(ex. How do you receive opinions/get feedbacks about your article from audience? Twitter? Email?)

Q8-3: What is the number of Page view? / How much do you estimate the number of unique user (UU) is?


[Note] Questions below can be investigated by ourselves before interview/Qs.


Q9: Goods,services

Q9-1: What is your site’s specialty? (Specialized in some fields?)

Q9-2: Where do you offer/provide your article? (ex. Huge Portal site such as Yahoo! News, etc.)

Q9-3: If you are making articles by yourself, how do you gather resources?

-Taking part in press conference/interview

-Receiving press release

-Net Surfing

-Investigating the field (in traditional manner).

-Interviewing on the Internet.

-Translating foreign articles.


Q9-5: Do you provide your news in the other languages?


Q10: Architecture

Q10-1: How do you cooperate with SNS? (Ex: Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Q10-2: Are the any unique characteristics in your site compared to the others?

Q10-3: How frequent / How much do you add the article in your site? (Number of articles added per day/week/month)

Q10-4: How do you collaborate with existent (legacy) media.(Ex: TV, Newspaper)

Q10-5: How do you collaborate with other sites?