Submojour Report: Appendices

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– List of cases in the SuBMoJour-database by country
– Questionnaire


List of cases in the SuBMoJour-database by country

(total number of cases 19.07.2012 = 69)

Finland (11)

• Asymco
• ArcticStartup
• Hellapoliisi

• Uusi Suomi

France (6)

• AgoraVox
• Citizenside
• Dijonscope
• Mediapart
• Rue89
• This French Life

Germany (2)

• Perlentaucher

Italy (7)

• Effecinque
• Formica Blu
• fpS media
• Kalpa Limited / China Files
• News 3.0

• Varese News

• YouReporter

Japan (15)

• 47news
• A Power Magazine
• CB News

• JB Press
• nanapi, Rocketstart Company
• Natalie (corporate site
• niwango
• OurPlanetTV
• Record China
• Rocket News 24
• Sankei Digital
• WEBRONZA – Asahi Simbun


Slovakia (1)

• Piano Media

Spain (3)

• Kalpa Limited / China Files (Spain/Italy)
• Mangas Verdes
• Portal Parados

UK (15)

• Audioboo
• Blottr Digital Limited
• Demotix

• Hackney Citizen
• Landscape Juice
• Lichfield Community Media
• Not on the Wires
• Media Street Apps Limited
• ScraperWiki
• Storyful
• Talk to the Press
• Tweetminster
• Women’s Views On News

USA (9)

• Ars Technica
• ArtsJournal
• Bargain Babe

• MedCity Media
• Patient Power

• The Batavian
• West Seattle Blog





Sustainable business models

This is a questionnaire by Pekka Pekkala, USC Annenberg Research Scholar. These answers will be used to create a set of case studies for journalism students who are struggling to figure out the sustainable business models for blog startups. Thats why the questions are fairly detailed.

Basic information

The basic information about your business.

The name of the publication and / or company Established (year)
Web address
Form of the company (LLC etc.)

Describe your site or business in few words.


Who works for your company or publication directly. If you have zero people working for the position, leave field empty.

Content creators, paid full time Content creators, paid half time Content creators, paid freelancers Content creators, paid revenue share Content creators, unpaid

Are some of the content creators citizen contributors or interns? Business, marketing & sales, paid full time
Business, marketing & sales, paid half time
Business, marketing & sales, revenue share

Business, marketing & sales, other
How is your time divided between doing business and content?


Revenue models and sustainability

Would you say your business model is sustainable?

Does you business support you now and in the long run? Describe freely.

How much is your yearly or monthly revenue? Where does your revenue go?

Describe the cost structure in your organization.

How much do you pay to your contributors?

Desribe the pay structure: do you pay monthly or weekly salaries or per story or word. Or is it revenue share?

What about profit?

If you are more profitable than expected, where do you plan to use the extra profit?

What kind of advertising you sell?

• Ad Networks
• Cost Per Impression (CPM)
• CPA – Lead Generation
• Cost per Click (CPC)
• Sponsorship
• Text links
• Pay Per Post
• Job Boards or Classifieds
• Newsletter Advertising
• RSS Advertising
• Location-based ads
• Mobile ads
• Ads through your Twitter feed
• Ads through your Facebook page • Other:

Do you sell any of following services

• Freelancing – journalism
• Freelancing – non journalism • Training

• Consulting • Speaking
• Events
• Design

• Donations • Coaching • Other:

Do you sell following virtual or physical products?

• Online courses
• Ebooks
• Software, plugins or apps • Audio
• Video
• Webinars
• Reports
• Books
• Merchandise
• DVDs
• Special editions of content • Other:

Other revenue sources

• Affiliate Marketing – Networks
• Affiliate Marketing – Individual Programs
• Membership or subscription fees (Continuity Programs)
• Daily deals (e.g. coupons)
• Selling user, usage or search data
• Donations
• Crowdfunding (e.s.
• My publication is a marketing or PR cost for a larger business • Other:

Do you see your publication as your main product?

If you think about the revenues, has your publication become more of a marketing channel for other products?

What would be the most important thing on your road to sustainability?

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