Case study: (Finland)

The name of the publication and / or company

Established (year)

2003 (registered 25.06.2003)

Web address

A form of the organization

A joint stock company (osakeyhtiö).

Short description of the site or business

AfterDawn Oy is a privately owned web publisher, located in Oulu, Finland. Company publishes its -branded tech information sites in six languages. The Afterdawn sites offer tech news, software downloads, reviews and guides.

From the website:

“We aim to cater all the information, product reviews and technical details for users seeking information about mobile phones, high-definition television, gaming console technology and digital multimedia. Simply put, when people are making purchase decisions on high-end products within our niche, they should be able to find unbiased information from our sites to influence their decision.”

Staff numbers

Who’s creating the content

Content creators, paid full-time

1 (editor in chief)

Content creators, paid freelancers (vakituisia avustajia)

Total of 20-22 in six different countries:

      • 10-12 content creators in Finland
      • 2 in the US
      • 2 in Sweden
      • 2 in Norway
      • 2 in Danmark
      • 1 in the Netherlands
      • 1 in Ireland

System engineers: (technical maintenance, site design and development personnel etc.) paid full-time


Business, marketing & sales, other

Outsourced to Verkossa Media Oy (independent ad network in Finland).


How they make money

Revenue models and sustainability


600 000 euros in 2010/06, 487 000 euros in 2009.

2005/06 2006/06 2007/06 2008/06 2009/06
Revenue 1000 EUR 262 462 487 601 487
Growth in revenue, % 161,30 76,30 5,40 23,30 -18,90
Profit 1000 EUR 68 126 -11 19 -11
Profit % 37,00 34,80 2,00 4,50 -2,70
Employees 5 8 10

Yearly revenue

2010 figures have to be checked from the Kaupparekisteri.

Advertising types

Cost per impression (90% of the advertisements).

Other arrangements (10%).

Selling products (digital or virtual)


Other revenue sources


Do you see your publication as your main product


What would be the most important thing on your road to sustainability?

Constant saving during many many years has kept us alive. Also funding the growth with our own savings and not using startup loans or business angels. You must have cow’s nerves if you want to raise business in this field.