Case study: Hellapoliisi (Finland)

The name of the publication and / or company


Registered as a company in 2010

Web Address

Form of the company

A joint stock company

Describe your site or business in few words.

Hellapoliisi Ltd. is a privately owned company, located in Helsinki, Finland. is a website which concentrates on food – it publishes recipes and articles of novelty items. Company offers recipes and food photography to order. The owner, Kati Jaakonen, does also recipe books and food related games that are published by Oy and Nelostuote Oy Tactic Games.

The Hellapoliisi (can be translated as Stove police) blogsite started as a hobby. Kati Jaakonen, a cook by profession, founded a food blog around 2006 – 2007 in order to offer photos of her pastry and recipes for people interested in food and cooking. The site became popular very rapidly by offering good recipes for free. The content of the site is still free for visitors. The revenue comes from recipes and food photos that Kati sells to food companies. She also publishes books containing recipes.

Staff numbers

Who’s creating the content

Content creators, paid full-time

1, the owner. Kati creates all the content – recipes and photos – by herself. The technical development of the site and some of the image processing is done by a company owned by her friend.

All the technical maintenance, site design and development is outsourced.

How they make money

Revenue models and sustainability


Would you say your business model is sustainable?


How much is your yearly or monthly revenue?

The revenue of the last year was about 100 000 EUR (131 500 USD). It is has been doubled during the last year. Lately Kati has been able to make long contracts with companies which have made her life little more predictable. (She has a family of four children).

Most of the revenue comes from recipes that she makes for Finnish food companies. has also banner advertisements but they don’t bring substantial income.

What kind of advertising you sell?

Banner ads Cost per action

Do you sell any virtual or physical products?

Recipes and photos. Books on food that are sold in big food markets and in bookstores. Food games.

Do you see your publication as your main product?


What would be the most important thing on your road to sustainability?

Honesty. Simply that you are honest and fair to yourself and to your customers.