Case Study: Effecinque (Italy)

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Web Address

Form of the company


Describe your site or business in few words.

“Effecinque (F5) – Refreshing Journalism is a startup company founded by four professional journalists. It focuses on content development and innovative services for Italian online news outlets. It was named after the computer keyboard key commonly used to refresh a web page on most browsers.

F5 works only as a sub-contractor for large Italian newspapers and outlets seeking innovative news reporting and visualization products. It was among the first company to provide original web-generated format (social media news gathering, live coverage, data journalism projects) and to invest in visual journalism (motion graphic videos, interactive infographics, timeline features). The main activity focus on reportages and online services on innovation, internet and media, supporting NGOs and big enterprises with research and consulting services, as well as web platform developer training. “

Staff numbers

Who’s creating the content

Content creators, paid full-time


Content creators, paid freelancers


How is your time divided between doing business and content?

Basically, 80% content, 20% business. All associates, who are also responsible for service and format development, actively participate both in content production and business issues.

How they make money

Revenue models and sustainability

Would you say your business model is sustainable?

Our first two years were profitable, thanks to the interest shown by Italian media outlets willing to improve their communication methods.

How much is your yearly or monthly revenue?

Not disclosed.

Where does your revenue go?

Most of our revenues cover staff salaries. A small percentage is used for facility, equipment and services expenses. The rest is invested in the development of new products and experimental services, which are in fact our own added value.

How much do you pay to your contributors?

Regular contributors receive a monthly wage, while occasional ones are compensated by story or by project as applicable.

What about profit?

We would hire more graphic designers and programmers in order to improve and expand our data-journalism and info-visualization projects.

Do you sell any services?

Freelancing – journalism, Freelancing – non journalism, Training, Consulting, Design

Do you sell virtual or physical products?

Software, plugins or apps, Audio, Video, Reports, Books, Special editions of content

Do you see your publication as your main product?

We don’t own or produce any independent products, since we only operate as subcontractors or partners for newspapers and outlets already well-known in the Italian market.

What would be the most important thing on your road to sustainability?

We should surely expand and strengthen our customer base, while also reinforcing our reputation as a unique online innovative company. And we would also like to explore International markets.

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