Case Study: Record China (Japan)

Based on the interview made on 18.01.2012 with Mr. Hiroyuki Yamaki

The name of the publication and / or company

Record China Inc.


August 2005

Web Address

Form of the company

Business corporation

Describe your site or business in few words.

With the globalization of Japanese society, there is growing interest towards news of its neighboring countries such as China.

‘Record China’ is an online media, which provides digital contents 24 hours a day, covering news, photo, and video related to China and other Asian countries. It has been publishing news and photos in collaboration with major portal websites such as ‘Yahoo!Japan’ and ‘livedoor’, and other institutions like Nikkei Telecom and Dow Jones. With their help, Record China is able to provide contents enjoying high news ranking overseas. Moreover, in addition to the fact that it renders photo data to NHK and TBS, ‘Record China’ also deals with interviewing, shooting and editing on request of TV stations.

Main audiences include media dealing with China’s news and businessmen who see China as their marketplace. Diversified information about China are displayed in category such as current affairs, economy, society, culture and sports.

Taking into consideration both the news it renders to major portal websites and its own contents, the total sum of page view per month has reached 30,000,000 to 4000,0000. ‘Record China’ is proud to announce that it is the most influential information source among its rivals who also deals with China’s news in Japan.

In August 2010, the content-providing service called ‘Record Japan’ (approved by Chinese government) is launched to report issues about Japan in Chinese. It was the first and the only Japanese media which functions as a news website in Chinese language and has won high population among Chinese people.

Staff numbers

Who’s creating the content

  • Staff: 20
  • Temporary employee: 20
  • President, Management and Public Relation staff
  • A large proportion of staff are responsible for editing

How they make money

Revenue models and sustainability

  • Content provision fee to portal websites such as ‘Yahoo!’ and ‘livedoor’ (20%-30%)
  • Advertisement (Main source of revenue)
  • Commission (Video and photos)

How much is your yearly or monthly revenue?

Assets: 20,000,000 JPY (around 251,000 USD)

What would be the most important thing on your road to sustainability?

(How have you been endeavored to enlarge your business area and stabilize your business model?)

Adopted the policy to do the best in enriching our content. We aim to collect more audience and make them our fans, in order to expand our influence. As a result, the revenue contributed by advertisement has been growing.

Break the barrier of language. Send our message in multiple languages. Not only domestic readers, we also get overseas audience involved in our business. We find it important to make our presence in a wider range.