Sumojour Report: Table of Contents

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Chasing Sustainability on the Net
International research on 69 journalistic pure players and their business models

Table of Contents


1. Introduction
Esa Sirkkunen, Clare Cook and Pekka Pekkala

2. Diversified media landscapes
2.1. Overview of media systems

Esa Sirkkunen

2.2. USA: Moderate success after a long crisis
Pekka Pekkala

2.3. Japan: Journo-based and journo-oriented
Mikihito Tanaka

2.4. UK: Big media friends
Johanna Vehkoo and Clare Cook

2.5. France: Tensions and diversity
Clare Cook

2.6. Italy: An unfinished transition
Nicola Bruno

2.7. Spain: Enthusiasm and fragility
Luchino Sívori

2.8. Finland: Legacy dominates
Esa Sirkkunen

3. Revenue sources
Clare Cook and Esa Sirkkunen

4. Sustaining journalistic entrepreneurship
Pekka Pekkala and Clare Cook

5. Conclusions
Clare Cook, Esa Sirkkunen and Pekka Pekkala

About the authors

– List of cases in the SuBMoJour-database by country
– Questionnaire


Esa Sirkkunen, Research Centre COMET, University of Tampere, Finland Clare Cook, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom

Database project lead:

Pekka Pekkala, USC Annenberg, USA

Contributing authors:

Mikihito Tanaka, Waseda University, Japan
Johanna Vehkoo, UK
Nicola Bruno, Italy
Luchino Sivori, Spain

Leader of the project:

Professor Risto Kunelius, University of Tampere, Finland

Juvenes Print Tampere 2012

ISBN 978-951-44-8967-9 (PDF)

See the “About” page for contact information

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