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Case Study: Asymco (Finland)

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Asymco is a technology oriented blog and business, owned by a former Nokia analyst Horace Dediu, who is based in Helsinki, Finland. The blog has a large international audience and it has been cited by business and technology publications such as Fortune, Forbes and Wired, for example. Mr. Dediu is very well-respected especially as an Apple analyst.

Mr. Dediu says the contents of his blog is analysis, not journalism. It’s not meant to be news or commentary. It’s meant to be taking those news and data, public information, and trying to interpret them. Initially, he planned to do app development, and the blog was intended as a way to promote that business. However, soon he found out that the type of work that was requested from the blog turned out to be more management consulting. He obtained some consulting engagements within three months from starting the blog and that is still the primary source of income for him.

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