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Case study: (Finland)

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 Arknet Avoin Yhtiö and



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Form of the company


Describe your site or business in few words. has existed as a website since 2004 or 2005. It was – and still is mainly a hobby for its developers, two brothers who were interested in crime, fire and rescue issues. In 2007 the company was established in order to get a media status in the eyes of authorities. The idea of is to aggregate all the open data about emergencies and alarms in Finland on one continuously updated list and illustrate the alarms also on an interactive map.

“Our main idea has been to show the information differently than others do. We want our web pages to be visually clear and that the information can be found easily and fast. We want to tell the people what’s really happening, not just that there was an alarm somewhere. We want to report also those alarms that aren’t newsworthy in other media. We never did this for other media companies, but for the man in the street. However, other media companies have learned how to make good use of our publication. When we started to sell advertising the publication became profitable.” uses also volunteers who are collecting information and photos of accidents from different areas in Finland. The media coverage about the accidents is also linked to the site.

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