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Seeking Sustainability: A Nonprofit News Roundtable Summary & Report

The Knight Foundation, in partnership with the Voice of San Diego, Texas Tribune and the Knight Center at the University of Texas at Austin, organized an unprecedented meeting of 12 nonprofit news organizations and funders, academics and researchers from across the country, focused on “Seeking Sustainability.”

This report summarizes the proceedings and topics of the meeting, and evaluates the future challenges and needs of these organizations in the years ahead.

This document also features two appendices. The first is the results of a post-meeting survey distributed by Knight Foundation to participants with their thoughts on the meeting’s outcome. The second is a series of profiles of each of the participant news organizations.

SEEKING SUSTAINABILITY: A NONPROFIT NEWS ROUNDTABLE Summary & Report By Christopher Sopher (Rapporteur) Austin, Texas, April 26, 2010 (pdf)

How to Save the News (by Google)

By James Fallows: Google knows that its search function is only as valuable as the information it helps you find—a principal source of which is the beleaguered news business. That’s why the company assigned some of its top thinkers to the puzzle of how to make journalism pay. Their answers may revolutionize the media.

The Atlantic: How to Save the News