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Entrepreneurial journalists should pursue several revenue streams

By Steve Buttry: Entrepreneurial journalists make a mistake if they think advertising is their only potential revenue stream. Our entrepreneurial journalism class at Georgetown University will focus tonight on exploring possible ways to make money beyond display advertising: events, merchandising, transactions, daily deals, social media, training and consulting, selling content, providing a service to another media, content production as service, data and donations.

The Buttry Diary: Entrepreneurial journalists should pursue several revenue streams

New journalism ecosystem thrives

By Charles Lewis: As news consumption in America began to decline decades ago, as advertising revenue and commercial newsgathering began to contract, the bean counters increasing their brutal, cost-cutting efficiencies, newsrooms becoming quieter and less enterprising, many serious reporters and editors necessarily went elsewhere. They were desperately seeking a different, more hospitable milieu in which to work, a non-commercial, nonprofit environment more conducive to investigative and other public-service journalism. And over time a new journalism ecosystem has begun to emerge, which we have attempted to define and describe here.

Investigative Reporting Workshop: New journalism ecosystem thrives

The Awl Finds Some Level of Online Success

By David Carr: In September 2008, Mr. Sicha, Alex Balk and David Cho all found themselves laid off from Radar, the on-again-off-again magazine and Web site. Confronted by the headwinds of a growing media recession, they decided to hand-crank a future by starting their own site.

If you were going to assemble a business plan for a Web site, you would look closely at everything The Awl did and then head in precisely the opposite direction.

New York Times: Against Odds, Web Site Finds Niche