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The Publisher’s Dilemma

By Frédéric Filloux: Today’s title pays homage to The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen’s seminal 1997 book. In it, the Harvard Professor describes the effect of what he calls “Disruptive Technologies” on pre-existing markets or businesses. Fifteen years after the concept’s emergence, the impact of digital media on the news industry could be added to the list of most quoted examples of disrupted (devastated?) sectors.

Monday Note: The Publisher’s Dilemma

Demand Media: We’re Not THAT Dependent on Google

By Shira Ovide: A big question mark around Demand Media, one of the IPO darlings of last month, was its dependence on Google for traffic and revenue for its websites such as how-to site and humor hub In the company’s first earnings conference call as a public company, Demand Media talked about all the ways it isn’t so reliant on Google.

WSJ: Demand Media: We’re Not THAT Dependent on Google

The Batavian is growing: Meet Brittany, Ethan and Nick

By Howard Owens: Today was a significant day in the growth of The Batavian — our first two employees started work. Granted, both are working on a limited part-time basis, but getting help for Billie and I will give us the latitude to continue growing the business. Over the past couple of months, it’s been clear that there simply aren’t enough hours in a week to get done all we need to get done, especially if we want to grow.

The Batavian: The Batavian is growing: Meet Brittany, Ethan and Nick

Case study: West Seattle Blog (USA)

Based on an interview with Tracy Record February 10 2011.

Name of the publication

West Seattle Blog

Established (year)


Web address

Form of the organization


Describe the business in few words

News about West Seattle with broad variety of topics. Continuous and original reporting, constantly updated with the help from community members aka. “collaborators”. A true 24/7 news site. Run by a couple, Tracy Record (editor) and Patrick Sand (business manager).

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Case study: The Batavian (USA)

Based on interview made January 30 2010 with the publisher Howard Owens. 

Name of the publication

The Batavian

Established (year)


Web address

Form of the organization


Publisher and Editor

Publisher Howard Owens, Editor Billie Owens

Number of staff (paid full-time + freelancers)

2 + 2

Revenue 2010

Not disclosed. Profitable.

Short description of the site or business

It’s an online, web only site, only covering just Genesee county (pop. 60.370) and Batavia  (pop. 5.915). Concentrates primarily on breaking news, news of the moment.

“The purpose of the site is to provide local residents with timely news and information mostly about Genesee County. It is also our mission to ensure that every resident has a chance to contribute to the community by posting news and opinion about events, whether of local interest or national or international importance.

We believe that through civil discussion, communities grow stronger. We encourage all residents to participate, and only ask that each contributor treat others with respect.”

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