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Online Journalism Enterprises: From Startup to Sustainability

By Jon Funabiki: When the Internet, Craigslist and other media developments shoved newspapers into a tailspin, it touched off a fleet of entrepreneurial start-ups racing to fill the voids in journalism. Now there are signs of a looming shakeout among these new, largely web-based operations, and philanthropy is poised to offer them the two things they need most: cash, of course, but more importantly, business know-how. These are the implications of a Renaissance Journalism Center study of news media entrepreneurs called “Online Journalism Enterprises: From Start-up to Sustainability.”

Renaissance Journalism Center: Online Journalism Enterprises: From Startup to Sustainability

Non-Profit Watchdog News: What’s Working?

The Fall 2011 Community Media Innovation Project class at the Medill School has focused on local “watchdog” reporting as part of its work examining the digital strategy of the Chicago Reporter. The Chicago Reporter, an investigative magazine focused on issues of race and poverty in Chicago, is over 40 years old and adapting slowly to the growing dominance of digital content consumption.Through examination of comparable sites in other communities, we sought to inform our recommendations for the Reporter. We also learned a lot about what is working for local watchdog sites. This report summarizes what we found.

Non-Profit Watchdog News: What’s Working?

Case study: (USA)

Based on interview with co-founder Sean Blanda, Nov 2011.

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S corp. – Part of Technically Media Inc.

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Covering the community of people who use technology in Philadelphia. Daily updates about technology, venture capital companies, startups, tech policy and social organizations.

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Drawing the Line on Advertorial Content for Hyperlocals

BY BRIAN DENGLER: One way to boost revenue for a hyperlocal news site may be to supplement editorial content with paid content — such as advertorials, sponsored reviews, or endorsements. But a hyperlocal publisher who takes this path may walk into a legal landmine unless they’re completely transparent in distinguishing its editorial content from its paid content.

Street Fight Magazine: Drawing the Line on Advertorial Content for Hyperlocals